Rock Bottom...

Cause I can't feel my face

17 July 1984
I love reading writing, politics, video games, roleplaying and other nerdy things like that.

I'm currently attending Montclair State University (still) wherein I'll decide what I am going to do with my life at some point down the road (I've changed my mind six times already). I'm majoring in English, anyway. To keep my wallet lined, I work full time as a manager for Ann Taylor. Its retail so - yay. (/sarcasm)

I also love to drink! I've got drinking buddies in from Jersey all the way to the UK - what what!

If you share my interests, I don't mind chatting with new people. Leave me a message if you feel like being bothered with such a quirky individual =)I'm also a tree hugging, latte sipping, bleeding heart liberal elitist. Yuk Yuk.